Terms & Conditions

1. Terms of uses?

° the documents is an electronic record in terms of information technology act 2000. And rules there under as applicable. The information is generated by computer system and doesn't need any physical and digital signature.
° Send, receive, share , use and reuse of any material that doesn't belong to you or us or anyone is prohibited on the website.
° such material  or  using and sharing that is sexually explicit contant or which promote racism, hatred or physical harm or deceptive, misleading, abusive, pornography, harassing , defamatory, absence etc part's using , uploading or sharing are not part of our website terms of using.
° who used  or trying to use such material, we have the power to closed his/her  account temporary or permanently.
° misleading people with fake products and wrong information
° promotes illegal activities or conduct that is abusive, threatening or libellous

2. Platform for transaction and communication.

° the app is a platform that users utilize to meet and interact with one another for their transactions. dekhkrlelo.com is not and cannot be a part to or control any transaction between the users. The transfer of the money between the seller or customers is depend on how they want to transfer or want to done the deal.

3. Charge of using the web site.

° the use of the app is free for the buyers but the sellers how will create their account on the website will pay some money by online only. The money amount is  different for salesman as what they are selling and how are they like shopkeeper or showroom owner.
° The seller are charged for advertisement of their business . This charges are for advertisement on the website for the time they choose to run the advertisement on website .

4. Payment and Renewal.

-General Terms. By selecting a product or service, you agree to pay https://dekhkrlelo.com the one-time and/or monthly or annual subscription fees indicated (additional payment terms may be included in other communications). Subscription payments will be charged on a pre-pay basis on the day you sign up for an Upgrade and will cover the use of that service for a monthly or annual subscription period as indicated. Payments are not refundable.

5. Automatic Renewal.

Unless you notify https://dekhkrlelo.com before the end of the applicable subscription period that you want to cancel a subscription, your subscription will not automatically renew and you authorize us to collect the then-applicable annual or monthly subscription fee for such subscription (as well as any taxes) using any credit card or other payment mechanisms we have on record for you. Upgrades can be canceled at any time by submitting your request to

6. Advertisement on dekhkrlelo.com

° dekhkrlelo.com is platform where new and old seller can sell their products by putting them on this website. The buyers how want to buy latest product in the market will interact with the seller.
° the seller how selling are able to run their own website about  what they are selling
° they can manage where they want to show their advertisement and how many time they want to run it on website
° sellers can buy plans which they want to advertisement after completing the process . They are able to  choose their plans

7. starting a advertisement

° after buying a advertisement plan your add will start automatically after we make it look great and perfect for the audience.
° once we start your advertisement on website or you pay for a advertisement plan, the advertisement will.stop automatically without any renewal.
°Your add will start after confirmation and complete the transaction process.
°Your add will run for the days you select . Like as you start a plan today it will start count the time from today date12:00 pm to the last day of the add at 12:00pm .
° seller can extend the period the package by paying extra money as in the plan
° no refund after you buy a plan . But we cannot debit Money from your account without your approval. We will start a add of your business only after transaction.

8. Why we need advertisement?

° advertisement is the best way to gain customers more and more . It is helpful for sellers to sell their products .
° some new seller come everyday in the market but they find it hard to get customers for their shop. By using advertisement  plans they cam easily approach to the highest audience of customers who are on the website.
° in some cases  their are only fer seller with the latest product in the market or fress material . They can sell them  very easily as there are a lot of people who want like this product want firstly.
° you can win more than one time. Yes , its depend on your ability to win again and again, continually maintain your profile to win reward more than one time and get regarding same services free for the Time you win.

9. Terms and conditions for getting reward ?

° it's depend on your dashboard's product how much you upload product. We continually searching for the best sellers.
° the uploading items and deleting items also effect to get the reward.
°reviews on your timeline or dashboard are also helpful for get this reward
° the numbers of followers of your profile also helpful for getting this reward.
° you will be in contest if you ( sellers) are paying the monthly or yearly subscription fee . If you are using this app or web site free as a trails you are not in the race of winning this reward of ruppes 3000 and unable to get other free services after winning the reward.

10. Refund and cancellation

° if you choose delete or deactivate your any paid service prior to the period for which it is active , we will not be liable to refund you for any unutilized time. In some cases you are not able to avail the paid service on the website on account of any technical reasons, on receipt of payment confirmation can be refunded by shop you.in in the following manners .
° the amounts is credit in your dekhkrlelo.com account
°(1) the credit amount may be used by you to purchase paid services for an equivalent or lesser amount an the website . dekhkrlelo.com credit are non redeemable for cash , non transferable and non assignable.

11. Payment for paid service

° dekhkrlelo.com is free for browsing the website for everyone. The sellers how want to create a profile on the website will pay some money. Upon slecting any features of paid services , you may redirects to the third party payment process site such as pay u  money offering payment through various channels such as net banking, credit or debit card collection. You agree that paid service will be made available to you upon receipt of payment confirmation from the payment gateway or collection agency

12. Notification of changes

° we reserve the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time . We may send you a message or notice regarding material changes of these terms , include the privacy policy . You should make note of the last update date at the beginning of the terms. But as your (sellers) plan is on activate we will not make any changes in this although we change our plans. Once you agree the current terms your plan will run with that terms and conditions

13. After deleting the account

° once you delete your account ( include photos upload by you to your profile) we don't store any kind of your information in our database.
° you need no worry about the leakage of information given by you.

14. Is dekhkrlelo.com work as intercession or mediator

°dekhkrlelo.com is not responsible for any non - performance or breach of any contracts enter into between the buyers and the sellers.
° dekhkrlelo.com shell not or is not required to mediator nor resolve any dispute between seller and buyers
° dekhkrlelo.com does not at any point of time during any transaction between buyers and sellers on the app . buyers  does not it at any right or claims over the product or free or paid services by seller to you.
° yes we work as intercession but we have not take any responsibility between the sellers and the buyers. We are not responsible for product quality, price etc. Its a matter between seller and buyers.

16. How can i pay for advertisement

° you  have to pay for advertisement of your business by digital transaction. This transaction is done by third part like payu.
You gave us as you are asked or we don't debit more.
° you can slect the plans you want and pay for it. You can buy this plans for multiple times because it will help you to increase the selling rate of a shopkeeper. ° in the process of transferring the money we received important information of your digital account like card number and pin number . We didn't share this information to third party  but the way we use to transaction the money we use payu payment system. Its secure and safe and we take care the information you give to us

17. What benefits i got for using this website or advertisement

  ° in the beginning we plan to give reward of ruppes 3000 to the best seller whose desh board or profile is good in looking
° in the future when we start free home delivery service those how won this reward will get this service free for 1 year . when they want to start this service they can because its their choice when they want this service.
°those who won this reward also able to buy a free  advertisement plan for one time . This will surely boost their selling
° in the future we need some stores in every city . Those who won reward will get first offer to contract with us. They must paid well for this contract
° like other online shopping and e-commerce website its a big challenge for the shopkeeper to sell their products . By using this website everyone can sell product on-line

18. Condition to Win Prize Money

1. The quality of photos count not quantity of photos. Thats mean we will see how much good photos that you are sharing with people
2. We will see that are you updating your items continuously or deleting those photos which sold out
3. When you uploading photos always take care of that in photo their must be only one item/ product. When you uploading a picture with many items/ product that will reduce your winning chance. E.g. the one photo of a shoes lay down on stands The mix up of items/ product with different items/ product also reduce your winning chance. Eg. When you uploading a jacket photo into the column of shoes or other different column. It will also effect the dashboard stylishness and visitors find it hard to get a correct item
4. The numbers of users who visit on your profile also count
5. The winning money transfer on the same account number from which he paid or transfer money for monthly uses or get authority to upload photos or to access his/ her account
6. Hint; you can share your profile on other platforms and reach to maximum people